Remotely Monitor your Generator

The Echo Command app gives users the ability to remotely monitor their generators on the job, at home, or camping. My role was leading the design effort and delivering everything from initial concepts to final designs.


Lead Designer

Supporting Multiple Products

The Echo Command app works with two generator models the 2300w and the 4000w. While each model has similar functionality, there are some key differences with how each handles load level, alerts, and pairing.

Group Shot@2x.jpg

Digital & Physical Consistency

The app was designed to mirror the generator LCD to create consistency with whichever method the user chose to interact with.

Group shot 1@2x.jpg

For the 4000w unit an increase in load capacity meant the addition of an extra RV outlet. These outlets are shown on the app just as they appear on the front of the unit. Each outlet gives the user an idea of the specific load level.

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Engine Shutdown

Safety is key for the remote use of a generator and a two step shutdown sequence helps ensure no one is ever confused about turning off their generator.


Moving around on a job-site or campsite means the user is bound to go out of bluetooth range, so the reconnecting process was designed to be quick and easy for when users are back in range.


Branding Elements

The first app for this line of products allowed for some creativity with branding elements. The background of the app mirrors the texture on the physical unit. The hamburger menu is meant to resemble an 'E' paying homage to the brand.

Close up.png


This project was an exercise of working closely with electrical engineering. I was very involved from the beginning with the technical capabilities of the unit. This allowed for us to make very quick changes anytime shifts in fuel/load accuracy occurred.

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