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Getting my co-workers on the same page

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The Hitchiker's Guide to UX & UI 

The hitchhiker’s guide was created to educate a wide variety of co-workers on UX and provide a quick overview of the design process. The site also offers curated resources, allowing those who are interested to read more. 

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Product Design




The Foundation 

The foundation portion simply states the roles of a UX and UI designer. This is information is front and center, because if anything, users can come away more enlightened about job titles/responsibilities.

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The Process

Having a process documented made it easier to discuss what stages projects were in, and convey the importance of allotting time for foundation research.


The Tools

This stage was more informational to share industry standards for software and make others aware of any new software lingo.


Feedback & Updates

A new version of this site is currently in the works. Stay tuned for updates!

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