The first AI-powered design tool in a major online marketing platform .

Creative Assistant gets to know your brand, then creates and resizes designs for you instantly so you can build better marketing and grow your sales. My responsibilities were designing the first integration of creative assistant into Mailchimp's platform.

Product Designer

Beta Release

Mailchimp is an All-In-One Marketing Platform for Small Businesses, sending over 1 billion emails a day.

Content is the biggest barrier for users to send marketing campaigns.

Creative Assistant can scrape content from user's websites and create branded designs automatically.

Creative Assistant requires a logo, font, color, and brand personality to generate designs. 

Our first challenge was determining where to integrate Creative Assistant into the Mailchimp platform.

The landing page channel was chosen because it had the highest amount of content to supply Creative Assistant.

We analyzed the existing product flow and conducted interviews to understand the context of publishing landing pages.

Testing the engagement of the Ah-Ha moment.

We performed 3 rounds of testing with 5 users each over a span of three weeks. During this time, I created 15 total high fidelity prototypes, with varying UI arrangements and animations to determine the best possible design. These prototypes were also populated with the users' real brand information, to better replicate the actual use case.  

Modal Window

The modal window proved to be the best performing design through testing. Normally the abruptness of a modal window causes them to be easy to close, but populating the intercept with real designs for the user actually sparked a lot of pleasant curiosity.  

Testing Creative Assistant's design generation feature.

Side Panel

The Side Panel had good testing performance and the ability to scale to other areas of the product. After this initial test on the landing page channel we needed a route that would allow us to easily scale up to all areas of the mailchimp platform.

The flow from publish to publish

We achieved our initial goal of creating designs for the user with no direct content entry required. This helped show the value of Creative Assistant to user's and was very well received when released.

Editing Designs

Creative Assistant had some editing capabilities once designs were created. In general, the goal of the editing feature was to only be used for 'tweaks', allowing users to make slight adjustments to sizing, layout, etc.. 

Setting brand personality

Creative Assistant doesn't just fill templates, it functions on a complex set of branding/design rules catered to a user's specific brand to generate unique designs. The ability to edit brand personality was also available in the side panel to users.

How'd it go?

14% Increase in engagement on email campaigns. And a shoutout from CEO & Founder, Ben Chestnut.

Designs created in 2020