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Product Designer


Our users manage large accounts at large companies.

Commercial users manage the finances of large companies. This can include overseeing multiple accounts across multiple sub-companies. **Not reflective of Truist's specific commercial clients**

Gathering context with user interviews.

To begin our process, we engaged with our research team and enlisted the help of Nick Cochran to schedule some interviews to help gather context on our users. I helped out as a notetaker during these sessions.  

Our initial research showed us these two primary areas of concerns for our users with remote banking.

They're concerned because they are responsible for millions of dollars.

Before the pandemic, commercial clients didn't even consider using mobile apps to make approvals, because it was an important 'in-office' task. Once remote work became more prevalent, their viewpoints changed, and they began to prefer the use of mobile apps as long as they felt secure. 

Their primary job is to *approve the movement of money in their companies.

*Transfer approvals are the primary job that our users have to complete. Essentially, it's overseeing the movement of money between accounts/companies/clients. It requires verifying information such as who/what/when/how much for the money that's being moved.

To make the process more secure, we added multiple steps for authentication and confirmation.

Our first concept, built upon the legacy approval system from desktop, and added an additional step for authentication and confirmation for approvals.