Truist One View

Product Designer


Made with remote working in mind.

Many of our working locations changed in March of 2020, due to the pandemic, and commercial banking clients were no exceptions. Truist One View is designed with remote workers in mind, allowing them to securely approve money transfers from anywhere

Initial research showed us these two primary areas of concerns for our users with remote banking.

The challenge was to create a secure, but efficient, experience to make approvals. 

Truist One View is organized by Company, Account Summary, Account List, & Account Details.

The primary purpose of One View, outside of transfer approvals, is being able to routinely check account information. Users need a clear and consistent path between companies and accounts.

For user's managing multiple companies, they are able to access all their companies via the menu.

Helping users search through tons of transaction data.

With large corporate accounts in the millions of dollars, transactions can be plentiful. To help users navigate these vast lists of data, we implemented a in-context search with filters. 

How'd it do?

One View was successfully released in the Summer of 2021, becoming Truist's first ever commercial banking mobile app, helping create workplace flexibility for users.