Ryobi Phoneworks Bluetooth

Phoneworks is a system of tools that all work with your phone. In 2018, I was responsible for the re-design of the platform to support the use of a bluetooth moisture meter and expand to a new system of bluetooth products.

Product Designer


Phoneworks tools empower you to measure, align, calculate, inspect, level and locate with more confidence and functionality than ever before.

Designing with this hardware ecosystem in mind.

Phoneworks had an existing product ecosystem that included a total of six tools, with future bluetooth versions of these products planned for development.

To begin our design process, we began with a survey to gain more context on our users. We were able to utilize 300 existing product registrants to gather insights.

The best cold call interview of all time

Big shoutout to Laura Lighty, our design researcher, for finder users for us to interview and test with. We were lucky enough to get to meet with several expert users that gave us old moisture meters, forms & regulations for moisture readings, and images of moisture reports.

Moisture meters are used in harsh environments, and pictures are required for documentation.

Design Solution

The design allowed users to take pictures with the moisture percentage on the screen, making it easier to record and document any high readings. The image was saved to the camera roll, and could be easily emailed to clients or stored for documentation. 

Based on those documents, we were able to cater the UI to the regulated moisture percentages.

The moisture meter functions with thresholds at 5% - Green, 15% - Orange, and 20% - red. The red threshold is when our professional users are legally required to document moisture readings.

A tool dashboard allows new tools to be added as they're purchased

With products coming into development, we needed a system that could expand as user's purchased more tools.  

How'd it go?

Phoneworks bluetooth was successfully released in 2018.